Welcome...to the SASS homepage

The purpose of the Club is to promote friendships, have a good time, share fishing information (where, how, when, methods etc.) with club members and, of course, to fish. We are looking for a few good people who want to be involved with this group. If you want to make a commitment and become involved, this is the club for you.

Part of our website includes a message board for the members only. We will change the password to the message board on  September 1, which is the official start of the new season. You will have to use the password that was included in the packet you received at the season kickoff meeting to gain access.

If you want to contact someone about joining SASS, send an email to: newmember@ncstriper.com

What is SASS all about?

SASS membership is by invitation only. So get to know an existing member and discuss your interests. Or arrange to accompany a current member on one of the SASS fishing trips. If your ideas of fellowship and fishing mesh with ours, that's the ticket to get an invitation!

SASS members enjoy the followship of fishing. We're a relaxed bunch who enjoy getting together to catch striped bass and have fun while doing it. We have a friendly competition to see who among us might catch the most fish or the biggest fish, or just show up to fish! We share what we can to help other members enjoy our outings. Fishing Lake Norman is a start, and we plan some out of town trips to lakes such as Hickory, Buggs Island, Cherokee and Murray as well. For those trips, we try to have a member go along who knows the lake and can provide advice on where and how to fish. We get together off the water occasionally for a fish fry or to plan some activities.

SASS is not linked with any national striper organizations nor do we participate in any of the sponsored striper tournaments as a club. In the club, we fish for the fun of it. Our tounament trail is pretty relaxing. And although we share many things in common with other groups, and often support their efforts, we are not formally affiliated with them.

SASS does have club tournaments. We have friendly competition throughout the year. The emphasis is on having fun while fishing. We have a points system and a modest entry fee to provide an incentive for the "winner". In reality, when SASS fishes, we all win. We have a schedule of planned events for the year. In addition SASS members will plan spontaneous outings whenever there's enough interest to join together for a trip.

For more information on how to join SASS, send an email to: newmember@ncstriper.com

Fishing Tips

What effect does a weather front have on fishing?

Click on the link above for a short article on the effects of barometric pressure on fish.